Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions

Our Clients benefit from our Solutions in different ways. Those off-grid get access to electricity while those on- grid benefit from reduced costs as well as reliable stable power. Our Solutions include solar PV Off-grid and On- grid systems, Solar out door lights (garden/security/street), solar water heating, pumping systems and renewable energy solutions for agriculture.

Solar PV Off-grid and On-grid Systems

We design and install customized systems which range from small residential on-grid and off-grid systems to large commercial systems. Our customized solutions are designed to fit any budget while providing quality.

Solar out door lights (garden/security/street)

Innovatively designed solar lights consisting of solar module, battery, LED luminary and charge controller with lighting management program. No wiring required, they are water-proof and rust-proof and can be installed on wood, bamboo sticks or iron posts or even be mounted on the wall or any other vertical surface. They turn on and off automatically in the evening and morning respectfully and are is easy to install.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Heating water with solar power is a rewarding venture as it comes with financial and environmental benefits. Using a solar solution comes with a cost saving element which can be anywhere between 50% and 100% on the recouping the original investment in 3 to 5 years. Aside from reducing dependence on the utility company, it conserves the environment.

Solar Water Pumping & Irrigation Systems

Solar water pumping is a reliable and economically attractive solution for domestic, irrigation, livestock, and community water supply.

Other Renewable Energy Solutions for Agriculture

Renewable energy in agricultural production solves the key problems of energy, water and ensures food & nutrition security while enhancing sustainable agricultural production.

Solar powered systems and solar irrigation positively impact labour, crop yield and profits. Our solar solutions that increase agricultural production and add value to agricultural produce includes solar food dryers, solar egg incubators and solar cooling systems (refrigerators and freezers).