5 reasons why your electricity bill is so high

As the new year commences, it is a common need to save as much as you can but this has become increasingly difficult with bills and mandatory expenses.

But money saving is a gradual process meaning that small lifestyle changes that are often overlooked make a huge difference, sometimes even more than the bigger expenses.

Electricity bills are a recurring expense and if reduced can cumulatively save a lot. To put the national spending into perspective, KPLC receives an average of 121 billion shillings in sales annually.

Here are a few reasons why your bill so high:

  1. Use of old electronics - Electronics such as TVs, fridges and microwaves have been developing over the years to make them more energy efficient meaning that if it is 7-10 years old, it most likely contributes a lot to the high bill. It is an important factor to look at when shopping for new appliances, the eco labels show more efficient appliances. Not only will you drastically reduce your bill but protect the planet. 

  1. Vampire appliances - These devices use power even when they are ‘off’ which is mostly known as standby mode but in reality, the components are consuming power which although is much less than when the device is on, it can cause a huge difference if it is on standby 24/7. Switching off the appliance will significantly reduce the consumption.

  1. Misusing AC's - It is a well known fact that air conditioners consume a lot of power. In fact there are common bad practises such when it comes to using air conditioners such as if the temperature difference between your room and the outside is above 12 degrees celsius, your ac is overworking. Additionally, it is important to close your doors and windows.

  1. Energy inefficient lights - If you are still using  incandescent bulbs, they are a huge disadvantage, not only do they consume a lot of power but they also waste it on heat converted energy. It is important to also note that most power is consumed on outdoor lights since they stay on for 8-12 hours on average compared to indoor lights that run for 4-6 hours. The latest technology in light technology is LED which is the most energy efficient, brightest and most affordable. Even better, if your main supply is solar, you never have to worry about monthly bills, just the first purchase and the cost burden is taken off for years to come.

  1. Home and water heaters - Water heaters generally account for 30% of electricity consumption due to the frequent use of hot water. If you have one it is also crucial to frequently check for leakages and the water flow rate in order to make the most use of it. Additionally, home heaters are relatively small but they also consume a lot of power. They are cheap to buy but expensive to use.

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