Current Trends in Renewable Energy

In the just-ended decade, there has been a hit breaking record in the usage of renewable energy. With many homes across the globe using more of different forms of renewable energy in their apartments. Also, awareness of climate change has, in one way, triggered the usage of renewable energy. As we enter this new decade, we expect significant strides in terms of the implementation of renewable energy. Below are some of the top trends we hope to see in 2020 and the rest of the decade.

  1. Smart Energy – Smart apps are being developed, this is to make people know where they can save energy. There are also smart meters that enable people to be more energy efficient. Even though smart meters cannot save energy, they will give people an understanding of how they can save energy.
  2. Energy storage – It enables energy from different sources to be stored for later usage. This form of technology is useful in making renewable energy reach its full potential. As the need for renewable energy grows, so does the need for technology to harness it. According to the international energy association (IEA), for the world to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celcius, the world needs 266 GW of energy storage by 2030.
  3. Government Commitment – Kenya’s government goal this year is to be 100% fully powered by green energy. This is the president’s ambition, which is very realistic given that, currently, Kenya’s non-renewable energy is 25.54%.
  4. Electric vehicle – Electric vehicles were invented way longer than most of us think. The first crude electric vehicle was first developed in the year 1832. With the news that the sale of all diesel and petrol cars will be banned by the year 2040, most manufacturing companies have shifted focus to EVs. Meaning that there will be more focus on green energy to power vehicles.
  5. End of fossil energy – Solar and power energy have almost reached parity with fossil fuels in terms of power and prices. Green energy has proven to be active, and with the new technologies being developed, there can only be more growth in renewable energy in the coming years.

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