The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations, 2012 require among other things that:-

1. All premises within the jurisdiction of local authorities with hot water requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day shall install and use solar heating systems;

2. Within a period of five years from the effective date of the Regulations, all existing premises with hot water requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day shall install and use solar heating systems;

3. An owner of premises, Architect and an Engineer engaged in the design, construction, extension or alteration of premises shall incorporate solar water heating systems in all new premises designs and extensions or alterations to existing premises;

4. An electric power distributor or supplier shall not provide electricity supply to premises where a solar water heating system has not been installed in accordance with the Regulations.

The premises targeted by these regulations include:

  • Domestic Residential Premises
  • Educational Institutions
  • Health Institutions
  • Hotels and Lodges
  • Restaurants, Cafeterias and other eating places
  • Laundries.

The public is hereby informed that all new buildings that fall in the above categories should install, use and maintain solar water heating systems. For buildings built before the gazettement of the regulations, the deadline for compliance is 25th May 2017.


The Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2012 require that all commercial buildings, industrial and institutional facilities consuming more than 180,000 KWh (or 640,000 MJ) of energy to:-

1. Formulate an energy management policy;

2. Appoint an energy officer;

3. Maintain production, energy and water consumption data for at least five years tabulated on monthly basis;

4. Conduct an energy audit after every three years;

5. Implement energy audit recommendations to achieve at leads fifty percent of the recommended energy savings;

6. Formulate an energy efficiency implementation plan showing how to implement the recommendations of the energy audit;

7. Submit energy efficiency implementation progress report to the Energy Regulatory Commission after every six months showing the projects implemented and savings achieved.

All the documents and reports listed under the Energy Management Regulations; the energy policy, the energy audit report, the energy efficiency implementation report and the energy efficiency implementation progress report, must be sent to the Energy Regulatory Commission for approval to comply.

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any of these Regulations or fails to comply with any prohibition or order of the Commission under any of these Regulations, commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding one million shillings, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or both.

Copies of the Regulations may be purchased from the Government Printer or downloaded from the ERC website on this link.

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