Will Kenya Be Fully Powered By Green Energy by 2020?

In 2018, the President of Kenya announced plans for Kenya to be 100% powered by green energy by 2020 as the goverenment set to invest in renewable energy.

The main goal was for 60% of its population to have access to energy as part of his Government development goals by reducing Kenya's carbon footprint and increase job opportunities for the youth.

The transition to green energy could greatly reduce production costs which is currently heavy on the national grid. Kenya has invested heavily in geothermal power generation, which supplies low-cost, low-emissions energy. It has additionally implemented policies on mandatory installation on renewable energy in new homes and corporate spaces. which in a bold step towards achieving this objective.

Companies such as KenGen aim to reach 7200 Megawatts of clean energy by 2030, a decade form now. KenGen currently produces 75% of our power which means this goal will have a high impact on the use of clean energy nationally

The move to ban single use plastic bags additionally contributes to less environmental pollutions. The coming few months of 2020 will enable us get a better perspective on how far we have come in the past years in achieving use of clean energy in Kenya.

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